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Why Impotency Can Be Dangerous To You

We are all aware that male impotency, also known as erectile dysfunction on its own isn't a risk condition unless you think that being insecure sexually is more fatal than dying. Although it is not medically significant, impotency is a sign that you have several other potentially dangerous illnesses. If you suffer from impotence, it's an appropriate time to go to your physician for a thorough medical exam. Here's why.

When doctors first look at those suffering from erectile dysfunction they are usually concerned about heart problems. Dr. Ira Sharlip, a past president of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America stated, "Any form of cardiovascular disease is more likely to happen in men who have erectile dysfunction problems". This means that the men with these issues are more likely to be the victims of heart attacks!

A healthy and happy erection is dependent on a healthy flow of blood into the penis. So any disease that could alter blood vessels, like atherosclerosis that causes the hardening of arterial arteries, and hypertension, or high blood pressure can result in an abnormal flow of blood to the penis, which can alter the quality of your erections. Cenforce 150 medicine is used to treat ED.

An important research study, released in the Journal of the American Medical Association studied a wide range of men for nearly 10 years and found a significant relationship between erectile dysfunction and the development of coronary heart diseases. It's now known that patients suffering from erectile dysfunction are more likely to suffer from of suffering from heart attacks and strokes. The study also found that men with impotence will begin to develop symptoms of cardiac disease in three to four years.

The male hormone testosterone is essential to have strong erections and sexual drive. If you are having trouble putting on your manhood or you have a low sex drive it could be that you are having low testosterone levels.

The lower levels of testosterone could be due to issues with the pituitary gland, which is located within your brain. This gland controls the production of testosterone naturally within your body. Other conditions that can result in low testosterone levels are thyroid function disorders liver disease, thyroid function disorders, and diseases that affect the testicles. If you're not able to get a solid erection when you are energized, it could be something else more serious that is hindering the production of testosterone. Kamagra Gold 100 is also used for the treatment of erection.

Healthy erections are based on signals coming from the brain which trigger your body to increase the flow of blood to the penis. If you're unable in getting an erection it could be due to nerves that transmit signals from the brain into the penis. It could be that you suffer from a neurological condition.

Impotency is also an indication that you could not be aware of the existence of diabetes. This is due to the high blood sugar levels that cause the blood vessel to rupture and nerve damage in diabetics can lead to complications with nerve damage and blood flow to your male body down below.

In addition, heart disease and diabetes tend to be connected because the damage to coronary arteries (CAD) is a common complication of diabetics too. While CAD can alter your erection, a disorder of erectile dysfunction is 9 times more likely among men with both diabetes and CAD, than those who suffer from diabetes only. So men who suffer from erectile disfunction issues should be checked in the event of diabetes or CAD too.

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